Terms & Conditions

Rehoming Terms & Conditions

  1. The charitable donations that you make during the rehoming process do not “buy” the dog you are rehoming, as the charity has already funded their care. Your gifts will help fund the care of the next dog in need, and therefore cannot be refunded.
  2. All liability for the pet passes to the new owner on completion of the rehoming paperwork, and you agree to accept responsibility for the pet and its welfare. You agree to accept all liability for any damage, injury or loss which may be caused, accidentally or otherwise, to your pet or other animals, or any person or property following completion of the adoption process. All reasonable steps will be taken by you to guard against any such occurrence.
  3. If you wish to return the pet, you can bring it back regardless of circumstances, any time within 28 days following rehoming, together with all its paperwork.
  4. Any requests for pets to be returned after 28 days will be at the discretion of Stray Aid’s management team, and a returned fee will be charged.
  5. By signing the Registration Form you agree and accept the terms and conditions stated above. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not continue with adopting a pet from Stray Aid.

Please note, the dogs are the property of Stray Aid, and are rehomed at our discretion. Stray Aid can refuse to rehome a pet without giving a reason, and cannot accept responsibility for the temperament or behaviour of any pet after rehoming.